Expert Oil & Gas Engineer

Expert Oil and Gas Engineer

As Expert oil and gas engineer we are specialized in designing, testing and implementing efficient methods to extract oil and gas products from the earth and sea floor. Expert oil and gas engineer spend most of their time making estimations because they can never see what is actually going on thousands of meters below the ground.

What does Expert Oil and Gas Engineer do?

Expert Oil and gas engineers often work on offshore drilling platforms and in oil fields and reserves around the world. Some of the duties of an Expert oil and gas engineer

• Recording and updating information on all drilling activities
• Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations
• Determining the most productive locations
• Taking responsibility for safety and efficiency
• Ensuring well maintenance
• Interpreting results
• Ensuring efficient well flow
• Overlooking the removal of all waste and equipment from drill sites

Types of Expert Oil and Gas Engineer

Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Engineering involves assessing oil and gas deposits. Reservoir engineers firstly estimate the size of a reservoir, and then determine how much oil and gas reserves are in the reservoir and finally work out how to maximize the economic return from extracting them.

Drilling Engineer

Drilling Engineer is in charge of drilling the well to produce oil or gas. Drilling Engineers also develop, plan, cost and supervise operations necessary for drilling oil and gas wells. They are involved from the initial stages of designing the well, through to testing, completion and eventually, abandonment.

Production Engineer

Production engineers develop new mining and drilling equipment like drill bits and valves, as well as designing new extraction processes like horizontal drilling to optimize each oil field and gas deposit.

Subsurface Engineer

Subsurface Engineer will select equipment that will be the most suitable for the subsurface environment. Once the hardware is selected, the engineer will monitor and adjust the equipment, ensuring the reservoir and well are producing under ideal circumstances.